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Magnetic Necklace - Amethyst & Sodalite

Superior Magnetics

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Hematite magnetic necklace is made with triple strength magnetic hematite beads. We have combined the magnetic therapy of hematite with the gemstone healing of Amethyst and Sodalite. 

Amethyst assists us in the transformational changes occurring on earth. Amethyst cleanses so higher energies can be used at the physical level. Amethyst enhances meditation and feelings of love. Amethyst expands psychic visions, improves insight and brings mental peace. Amethyst is the birthstone for those born in February.

Sodalite is healing for the throat chakra. It connects mind and emotions by bringing the energies of the higher chakras down to the lower chakras. Sodalite aids in spiritual growth and the development of wisdom. Sodalite aids communication and self-expression.

Our magnetic necklaces are strung on 80 pound copolymer and have a 5000 Gauss Gun Metal epoxy magnetic clasp. Magnetic necklaces are the strongest treatment for head, neck and shoulders.

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  • 5
    Headache Free

    Posted by Robin on 5th Mar 2014

    I have had this beautiful necklace for almost 2 weeks and have not had a single headache since I put it on. It is not only pretty, but it keeps me pain free! I love it!

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    More beautiful than appears online

    Posted by M.S. on 8th Sep 2013

    I have severe cervical foraminal stenosis, as I have arthritis of my spine. I already know that magnet therapy works, but I wanted an attractive necklace that could work directly on my neck. I am very pleased with this necklace as it is very beautiful and comfortable on my neck. It blends well with various outfits, and is versatile with its understated look. I appreciate the nonmetal appearance of hematite, as the genuine stones appear more real and precious, than thick metal jewelry. It is definitely functional, as my upper back and right arm pain have diminished. Since I have been wearing magnet jewelry, I have no longer needed any medication for pain.

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    Exquisitely beautiful

    Posted by M.S. on 5th Sep 2013

    This necklace is far more beautiful than the online picture suggests. The stones feel good next to my skin. They are finer and more precious looking than the online picture indicates. I'd say they appear less "big." Hematite is a very good choice, because you get the high power of the stones, without appearing like a rapper in large metal jewelry. This necklace has a very classy, refined, urbane appearance, and can morph from a professional look, to a casual one. I already know that magnet jewelry "works," but this light, high quality necklace allows me to appreciate its fashion contribution, not just the healing qualities. Just received it today, but has to share with all of you.