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Magnetic Necklace

Magnetic Necklace

A magnetic necklace will target the support for electrical flow in the tissue at the neck and both shoulders.  For some of us, as myself, it is the only place that will prevent migraine headaches.  That is not true for everyone.  But when someone asks “where” they should wear a piece of jewelry, I will always share with them what a pharmacist said to me many years ago:  “Wear it close to the problem, if you can.  Wear something you are willing to wear, because it won’t do any good sitting in a drawer”.   

How far the field actually supports good electrical flow, is a function of the strength of the necklace and your own tissue. 

I liken it to a hose that you’ve put a “kink” into…and the magnet helps release the blocked electrical flow.  For some it can be quite rapid, for others of us it can take days.  Remember, it is a “support” to the electrical flow already governed by the magnetic field in our DNA…it’s not magic.  It can take up to 6 weeks to see full impact of wearing one magnetic piece of jewelry.  It normally covers a much larger area than it’s immediate vicinity, but it will vary for each person.   This is where you must know “what” you’re wearing.  I had to go stronger than my first choice…but then it worked to relieve spasms in my trapezoid that pulled my atlas out and gave me headaches.

Necklaces should never be worn by people with pacemakers.  It puts the magnetic field too close to the device, which could affect it’s settings. 

Use a strong Magnetic Necklace for the fastest relief

Since many of us do not wish to take over the counter anti-inflammatories, or even some prescription drugs, wearing a necklace can be an alternative.  Many of our customers report beneficial results; see our testimonials.   The only way you will know for yourself, is to try it.  Most of us respond, a few don’t.  Make sure you try a decent strength, whether it is a magnetic field or one of our Sport Jewelry necklaces (like the baseball players wear).  

A few years ago, I had a grandmother call me saying:

“I want to speak with you about some necklace you sold my grandson.  He showed up home this afternoon telling me his neck didn’t hurt anymore.  I didn’t believe him at first, because he complains all the time.  He broke it, skate boarding, a while back.  He goes to physical therapy.  This is the first time he’s told me it isn’t hurting.”

In December 2015, at the Amateur Ropers competition at SouthPoint Casino in Las Vegas:  Two young women were operating a booth for their aunt.  The girls’ feet ached at the end of the second day and I placed some magnetic anklets on them…at their age the pain was swift to be relieved.  They commented about getting their “Aunt Fallon” something to help her feel better.  They purchased the X100 Sport Necklace as a gift for her.  Their mother, Aunt Fallon’s sister, stopped by the last day of the event to report Fallon’s results. She said her sister was able to “look up and back without neck pain…and no headaches”.  Fallon is a world champ barrel racer out of Texas, who broke her neck several years ago.

Men's Magnetic Necklace

Men typically don't wear much jewelry. You might see a watch and a wedding band, but not much beyond that. However, with the invention of health-enhancing products, magnetic stainless necklaces have become popular.

A son, shopping for his 84 year old dad, came by our booth in Palm Desert.  His dad had refused to take arthritis pain medication and his doctor had told him to “live with the pain”.  His son wanted to see if there could be an alternative.  The son asked if it couldn’t be done with a bracelet rather than the necklace I suggested, since his dad doesn’t wear much jewelry.  I said, it was possible for a bracelet to get up to the neck…but the best location for what he was describing as “bad arthritis in his Dad’s neck”…was the necklace.  

A couple weeks later, he came by our booth and he commented:  “I got him to wear it.  It took all the pain out of his neck. He felt so good he got down to fix the toilet and aggravated his sciatic nerve…do you have anything for that?”

Why Use Magnetic Therapy Bracelets, Anklets, Necklaces?

At Superior Magnetics we believe in strength.  Not all of us need the biggest, strongest magnet...but for many of us.. it is what makes the difference on whether it works or not. Our Signature Line of jewelry comes in Stainless Steel and carries the strongest magnet manufactured: an ion neodymium rare earth magnet called an N52.  These products isolate the polarity of the magnet so the North pole faces the body.  That is the premium way to wear a magnetic field.  

The easiest way to identify these extra strength products:  

All Bracelets at this strength (N52) are $69.  

All Magnetic Anklets at this strength (N52) are $79. 

All Magnetic Necklaces at this strength (N52) are $109.  (Only one style “Greek Key” uses an N50 magnet at this time.)

Superior Magnetics makes products that deliver.

Enjoy the Superior Magnetics difference!: