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Magnetic Bracelet Sizing

How To Select Your Size

  • Size options will appear in a drop down box for each product.
  • If you have questions, call 909-336-7514.
  • You can include comments at checkout on the “Order Confirmation Page”.  Referencing your SNUG measurement is a great idea.




Stainless and/or Tungsten Magnetic bracelet:  measure your wrist snugly and add ½”-3/4” for "ease" to this measurement.  This "ease" gives you comfort, a "drop", and is a matter of preference.  Never order your actual wrist measurement.  It will be too snug/uncomfortable and you will have a hard time getting it on/off by yourself.

Hematite Magnetic bracelet:  Measure your wrist snugly and add 3/4" to 1 1/4" to this measurement (the bead takes up a little bit of the circumference in the bracelet...the longer measurement gives you a slight "drop" to the outside of your wrist.  Never order your actual wrist measurement, since the clasp would not hold snugly when you flex your wrist.   

Copper Magnetic Bracelet:  Most are bendable cuffs. Measure your wrist snugly and select a size that is closest to this measurement (usually within 1”). 

  • Our handmade styles will offer XS-XL. If you have a small wrist, this is the most appropriate copper bracelet to fit you. 
  • All other styles are available in two sizes S/M or M/L, so select appropriately.  


Magnetic ankle bracelets are most comfortable in either of 2 different locations.  This is personal preference.

  • Below the inner ankle bone and resting on the outer ankle bone...if you wear mostly sandals and open heeled shoes.
  • Above the inner ankle bone (3/4") resting above the outer ankle bone.  Usual location for most men, or people wearing tennis shoes, lace up boots, closed heel shoes.

Sometimes it is easiest to use a light chain or string and position it in the appropriate location.  

Stainless Magnetic Ankle Bracelets:

  • Measure as referenced above.  
  • Do NOT add anything to this measurement, since gravity makes it drop down on the ankle.

Hematite Magnetic Ankle Bracelets:

  • Most will wear the beadword at the "above inner ankle bone" location.  Since the bead takes up a bit of the circumference...add about 1/4-1/2" to your measurement and order this adjusted size.


Stainless Necklaces lay best in an area from the hollow at the base of your neck and up to 2-3" below that location.  These necklaces have a slight curvature in them. Select the appropriate length in the drop down box. If your size isn't listed, please call or reference it in the Comments box at checkout.

Hematite Magnetic Necklaces can be any length you desire. Select your desired length in the drop down box.  Keep in mind, if you get them too long, they can "snap" together at the long end of the curvature.  Use the same guidelines as for the stainless necklace.