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Magnetic Ankle Bracelet

Magnetic Ankle Bracelet

: Rejuvenate Your Health with Superior Magnetics

Many of us are looking for alternative therapies to relieve pain without the use of prescription and/or over the counter anti-inflammatories.  Properly conducted research is now exploring the use of both static and pulsed magnetic fields to meet this end.  It is an interesting dynamic, to see how quickly some people will respond to having magnetic therapy placed around the ankle.  It is for this reason, that anklets can give results that bracelets don’t…especially for our hips, knees, ankles and feet.  I was reminded by a massage therapist, many years ago, that a magnetic anklet can have very positive effects on relieving lower back pain, due to it’s proximity to the area.  There is less “body mass” for the magnetic field to stimulate, when worn closer to a problem area.

Are Magnetic Ankle Bracelets for Arthritis?

Inflammatory conditions in the body are now considered a huge factor in our own ability to heal and recover.  Inflammation is now looked upon as the “common denominator” across many troublesome and life threatening diseases.  Any time we can assist the body in dealing with inflammation, it is to our benefit.  The foods we eat, our environmental exposures, the drugs we take will all impact this critical condition.  

REDUCTION OF INFLAMMATION…is now becoming a world wide focus.

Dr. William Philpott, author of the book Magnetic Therapy provides research that shows the favorable impact of the use of static magnets on reducing inflammation.  Current research abstracts are also supporting his findings.  

We’ve included testimonials from many of our customers, who are now successfully using magnetic ankle bracelets for pain relief in their knees, hips, feet, lower back…

How a Magnetic Therapy Ankle Bracelet Helps

Magnetic Ankle Bracelets from Superior Magnetics put the magnetic field in closer proximity to the foot, knee, hip and lower back.  Wearing magnetic jewelry can be a support for the magnetic field in every cell of our bodies…this field is responsible to maintain electrical flow required for the cell’s functioning.  Women are not the only ones now wearing magnetic anklets. Men have experienced dramatic benefit with wearing a magnetic stainless anklet bracelet. 

A golfer named Woody from Texas, stopped by our booth in Palm Desert a few years back.  He was watching me “size” an anklet on another person.  When I was done, he laughed:  “I haven’t been down there for years”.  Keep in mind, he was maybe in his 50’s.  I put an anklet on him and we talked for about 10 minutes.  I then suggested he crouch down to the floor.  He was reluctant, but did so (I assured him I would help him up if he had a hard time).  As he rose, his eyes got wider and wider…he had just experienced a magnetic anklet help his knee feel better.  Weeks later, he called almost frantic…he said “Cricket…this thing has changed my life.  I’m now able to WALK the golf course!”  He brought his 85 year old dad that January and purchased him a Scottsdale magnetic anklet.  

Woody sent me this text:“Cricket, just wanted to let you know my Dad 85, that we bought an ankle bracelet for last weekend…is really noticing a positive difference…told me he danced every dance last night” (at the senior center).  “My Dad is now walking around the block!”   Woody’s Dad had severe arthritis in his knees. 

Getting the Most Effective Magnetic Ankle Bracelet

Superior Magnetics stainless steel anklets use the strongest grade neodymium rare earth magnet on the market:  the N52.  These pieces are manufactured for us, using a 316L grade stainless steel.  Any “gold” accent on the items are 5 micron, 18 karat gold plating on the stainless steel.  We size these to fit each individual and can coach you by phone, if you need any guidance on “where” to measure…so it fits your comfortably.  

In addition to our stainless magnetic ankle bracelets, we offer our beadwork options. The triple strength, 6mm Hematite magnet can be mixed with natural stone selections to give you a beautiful “beadwork” look.  All of our online Hematite bracelet combinations are available as anklets, for a small increase in price. Select one of our combinations, or pick your own stone combination from our collection (GEMSTONE HEALING) and call us personally to place your order. 

If you need coaching on where to measure, please contact us 909-336-7514.

Rejuvenate your health with one of our fashionable and effective anklets. Live a comfortable life now. Get fast relief with a magnetic ankle bracelet.


Magnetic Therapy by Dr William Philpott published 1992