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Sports Jewelry

Sports Jewelry for Relief with a Lightweight Casual Look

For the past few years, therapeutic sports bracelets and sports necklaces have become a trend in baseball, because people realize that such accessory can align a person's energy flow.  At Superior Magnetics we only offer the strongest X100 version of the baseball necklace and bracelet.  As an additional benefit, we embed Schumann Resonance Frequency in all of our Sport Jewelry products…at no additional cost.  

The Best Sports Bracelet from Superior Magnetics

We are proud to say that our sports bracelets are the most cutting-edge, fashionable accessories on the market today. Our bracelets feature the strongest grade carbonized titanium and has a secure locking clasp.  Order a sports bracelet or sports necklace now from Superior Magnetics. Be fashionable and restore your energy for playing your favorite sports!

Sports Jewelry for Improved Performance

Sports bracelets and sports necklaces, made with carbonized titanium, help improve electrical flow, which improves balance, performance and recovery time. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts wear magnetic or ionic sports bracelets and necklaces because of the benefits and increased energy that such accessories give on and off the court or field. These bracelets and necklaces use carbonized titanium and magnetic fields to balance the energy in the body and to manage muscle and joint strain. They are prominent in baseball. 

Sports Bracelet and Sports Necklaces for Men and Women

The body contains bioelectrical currents (or energies) that handle the balancing of bodily functions. When these bioelectric currents are disturbed, usually due to unbalanced diet, physical damage, stress, or environmental toxins, the body cannot function as normal. Wearing a carbonized titanium magnetic sports bracelet or necklace supports electrical flow.

Many athletes wear sports bracelets and sports necklaces to improve performance, increase strength and reduce recovery time. Sports bracelets come in different strengths, beginning with 30x (thirty times strength), 50x (fifty times strength) and the latest is 100x (100 times strength)  Superior Magnetics only offers the 100x strength, which we have made for us.