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Products: An Effective Relief

Are you in constant body ache? Perhaps you feel exhausted for no reason and don't know what to do? Magnetic jewelry can give you fast relief!


Brand: The Healing Magic of Magnets

Magnetic jewelry products are the new trend among the health-enhancing accessories on the market today. The merchandise extends from bracelets to necklaces, equating to an estimated $300 million business in the U.S. alone. Historically, "bio-magnets," otherwise known as "healing-magnets," have been in existence for over 100,000 years. The Ancient Greeks discovered the first natural magnets in the form of lodestone, and Hippocrates himself, the father of medicine, articulated their healing powers.

While Japan, China, India, Austria, and Germany lead the field of advanced magnetic therapy, America widely uses magnets for medical treatments as well. Considering the wide usage of MRIs, MEGs, and NMRs for visual imaging, the healing properties of magnets cannot be underestimated.

Researchers from the University of Virginia conducted a study to investigate the supposed effects of magnetic therapy on blood flow through tiny blood vessels (2008, Skalak and Morris). Significant findings include evidence of the magnet's healing applications. In the experiment, when a magnet of 70-millitesla field strength contacted the swollen blood vessels of the subject, the blood vessels dilated after exposure. The results suggested that a particular magnetic field strength could relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.

NPI brand magnetic jewelry features 5000 Gauss factor clasps, enough to create a potent magnetic field that enables the relief of joint discomfort.

The Quality of


and NPI Magnetic Jewelry

SL and NPI are magnetic jewelry brands under the Superior Magnetics umbrella. All products come with a hematite, copper, tungsten, neodymium, or stainless steel base. All magnetic bracelets and necklaces feature 49-strand interwoven stainless steel Accuflex wire and possess a gunmetal epoxy magnetic clasp.

For added benefits, magnetic jewelry may also feature stones and minerals. There are 22 gemstones with various enhancing benefits available. You can also have your products embedded with Schumann Resonance Frequency for "optimal biological frequency resonance," which raises the body's natural frequency to promote good health.

Product durability is unparalleled, typically two times stronger than products offered by competing brands. Jewelry primarily includes N52 magnets, which is the highest grade of magnet available.

Based on collected testimonials, magnetic jewelry has helped folks alleviate:

  • Energy depletion
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory issues
  • Various other forms of discomfort
Why Choose

Superior Magnetics


Superior Magnetics provides top-of-the-line jewelry that provides efficient and fast-acting relief for various types of joint body annoyance. Since the company's launch in 2001, magnetic therapy products have risen to new heights, estimated today as a $5 billion dollar industry worldwide.

Currently, the company offers magnetic bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. Special designs for use while playing sports are also available. The company uses advanced techniques such as Scalar Wave Technology to embed positive frequencies into its items.

The focus of Superior Magnetics is to deliver high-capacity magnetic jewelry that offers magnetic field healing to those afflicted with various body discomforts and ailments. Superior Magnetics products are wearable by anyone except pregnant women and those with pacemakers.

Persistent discomfort is often part of aging, but it doesn't have to be. Conventional ways of healing chronic diseases and aches have made slow progress, which is why many are turning to alternative medicine for the answer. Don't be content to sleep the discomfort off; get the relief you deserve! Buy your Superior Magnetics jewelry today and start living a trouble-free life!