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Sergio Lub Copper Bracelet - Copper Swirl

Sergio Lub

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Fire Dancer Magnetic Copper Bracelet for arthritis pain relief

Tri-metal bracelet in which the strand of pure copper gracefully swirls under the strands of brass and silver to add flair while enhancing copper-skin contact. A copper bracelet using silver and copper creates electrolysis between the metals as well as between the skin generating a mild electrical current that negatively ionizes the body thus reducing inflammation and relieving pain. This copper bracelet has 2 4000-5000 gauss magnets combining copper ionic therapy and magnetic therapy. Copper bracelets are the strongest treatment for hand (arthritis tendinitis), wrist (arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel), elbow (arthritis, tendinitis) and shoulder (bursitis, tendinitis, frozen shoulder) on the arm they are worn. However they will often help neck, back and knees.