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Jewelry Maintenance


Stainless magnetic bracelets, stainless magnetic anklets and stainless magnetic necklaces can be worn in all conditions. However it is a good idea to remove your jewelry every month to inspect the epoxy seal on the magnets. Body acids break down the acrylic coating. The acrylic coating prevents the magnet from rusting. If the acrylic coating is missing recoat with clear nail polish or gel super glue. If it has turned yellow and is brittle or gummy scrape it with your finger nail to remove any loose acrylic then recoat with clear nail polish or gel super glue. With proper maintenance the magnets will not rust and will remain strong for years. If the clasp has become loose and the bracelet has fallen off send it for tightening. 


Hematite magnetic bracelets, hematite magnetic anklets and hematite magnetic necklaces have clasps that will rust if allowed to get wet. If your jewelry gets wet remove it and dry the clasp thoroughly.


Copper Magnetic Bracelets can be worn in all conditions. However the magnets in copper cuffs are glued to a pliable metal. Bending the copper bracelet where the magnets are glued may cause a magnet to fall out. Copper oxidizes and can be cleaned with any copper cleaner to brighten the metal.  


We Currently have two different "clasps":  magnetic or locking.  The magnetic clasp should not be submerged and would be best dried if gotten wet.  The locking clasp is more secure and can be worn in the shower, etc.  You can gently clean the sport jewelry with mild soap (shampoo) and rinse thoroughly to remove body oils, dirt.


We are happy to do repairs on your purchases from SuperiorMagnetics.  We repair all stainless jewelry for free for the first two (2) years. If you have an issue with a pin falling out or a clasp becoming loose, you can send it to us for repair. Please call 909-336-7514.  If a magnet has fallen out we can normally replace a link (send any extra links you may have been give at time of purchase).  The longevity of any product is dependent upon being maintained properly by you. 


We warranty your SuperiorMagnetic Hematite Jewelry purchase as follows:

  • First Year Breakage:  We restring your purchase for free, reusing your existing clasp
  • At any point, we will restring with a new clasp (and or course new wire):  $5 single strand bracelets or anklets; $10 double strand bracelets or necklaces