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Magnetic Bracelet
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Magnetic Bracelets

: Built to Last

There are two common types of magnets: a static or permanent magnet that naturally generates a magnetic field, and an electromagnet, which can only generate a magnetic field using an electric current. Magnetic bracelets use static magnets. All magnetic fields can decay over periods of time, but some types of magnets will retain their strength better than others.  Ion neodymium rare earth magnets are one of those types.  This type of magnet is used in our Signature Line of stainless steel magnetic jewelry and in a lower strength on our copper products.  Thanks to Superior Magnetics' superior gold plating, the aesthetics of our two tone stainless magnetic jewelry will last longer!

Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

: Increasing Blood Flow

According to Dr. H.L. Bansal, the body contains approximately 4 to 5 grams of iron, commonly found in hemoglobin, which is a blood protein. He suggested that using magnets promotes the movement of hemoglobin, leading to healthier blood circulation.

He speculates that magnets increase blood flow, using a principle of physics called the Hall Effect. Since blood contains charged particles, magnets can affect their electrons, causing blood to travel to where the magnet is situated. This causes blood vessels to widen to accommodate more blood. The rise in blood flow can speed up the healing process and helps reduce swelling in affected areas.

The research of biophysicist Marko Markov, Ph.D. also suggests that magnets promote healthy blood flow by stimulating positively and negatively charged particles found in hemoglobin. He speculates this improved blood circulation can have a favorable impact upon blood pressure.

Magnetic Health Bracelets

Can Provide Relief Instantaneously

Superior Magnetics uses N52 magnets in their Signature Line.  This is the strongest grade ion neodymium rare earth magnet manufactured. In comparison, a refrigerator magnet is less than 10 gauss while Superior Magnetics' N52 magnetic bracelets exceed 5000 gauss for the northern polarity of the magnetic field. Dr. Michael Weintraub explains that in order for magnetic therapy to work, magnets must be strong enough to penetrate the affected areas.

According to Dr. Weintraub, most people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or fibromyalgia need magnets of a higher gauss to promote better results. Dr. Weintraub suggests wearing magnetic bracelets over a long period and reports that some of his patients  achieved total comfort, over a four month period of constant wear.

Many people report that placing a magnet close to an affected area brings faster relief.

Protect Your Body Against the Dangers of EMF: Magnetic Bracelets for Sale

Most modern electronics emit an electromagnetic field, or EMF.  Studies show that prolonged exposure to EMFs may result in various acute and/or chronic health issues for some people.   EMF exposure may also weaken the immune system, hinder melatonin production, cripple metabolism and cell growth, induce chronic stress, cause fetal abnormalities, promote Alzheimer's disease, and modify gene expressions, which can lead to cancer.  These conditions were reported by Dr. William Philpott in his book "Magnet Therapy".   Dr. Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon, has an interesting dialogue available to review on YouTube.  In addition, there are several websites that will discuss the impact of EMF on the body (electormagnetichealth.org and references sited below).

Magnetic bracelets are classified as a static magnetic field.  When this static magnet isolates the north pole of the magnetic field, it can provide the body with a vehicle of protection from dangerous EMFs, by allowing balancing of natural biological rhythms that are goverened by the magnetic field in our cells..

Superior Magnetics' magnetic bracelets offer cutting-edge design and maximum gauss rating for deep magnetic penetration. Built to last.  Get yours today.